the worst part about using the change machine thing at my bank is the fact that the branch near my house is kind of small, so whenever I dump all of my spare change into the machine from my gross ass change container (a ratty Crown Royal bag haha) it’s a cacophony of sound echoing throughout and EVERYONE can hear the sound of coins clanging and crunching in this machine and I can hear everyone suddenly stop talking and and feel them looking at me from behind my back

everyone waiting in line and all of the tellers look at me in my stupid shorts and video game t-shirt and messy eternal bed head and wonder what kind of person I am dumping all of his change into this machine

what kind of life does he lead

what decisions has he made in life to lead him to this moment



130803 世界コスプレサミット2013 1日目 | ヒマホペ

Good way to start the weekend.

Good way to start the weekend.


when the fuck is Surge gonna be re-stocked come on Amazon